Digital Measures Activity Insight Database

Hello Everyone:

We are pleased to announce the roll out of our new database product, Digital Measures Activity Insight.  With Digital Measures, all of our data about Delaware faculty teaching, scholarship, and service will be available in one centralized comprehensive and easily accessible database.  The implementation of this system will improve our ability to keep track of and report faculty activities for both internal and external purposes, including the publicizing of faculty accomplishments.

We have begun the process of populating the database. Where possible, we have entered your information that was available to us.  We used faculty resumes, publications (as listed on Bepress), and institutional data that we were able to obtain (courses and biographical information).   Now, we need you to verify and change anything that is not correct, and add information that we were unable to obtain. Please follow the directions here for accessing, verifying and supplementing your data.  WE ARE ASKING YOU TO PLEASE COMPLETE ENTERING YOUR DATA BY AUGUST 20TH (the first day of fall classes).  While this project will take an initial investment of time over the summer, in the future, if you continue to supplement your information in real time, the time commitment should be minimal.

Many, many thanks to Michael Slinger and especially Barbara Mindell who together did all of the heavy lifting on this quite complicated project!

Thank you very much for your help.


Andrew Strauss
Associate Dean for Faculty and Strategic Initiatives
Widener University School of Law
Wilmington, DE 19803