Welcome to the Delaware Law School Educational Technology Documentation and Training site!

This site is designed to provide documentation, training materials, short how-to videos and other instructional information supporting faculty and staff who are using, or wish to use, technology in their scholarship and teaching at Widener University Delaware Law School.  The site contains links to instructional materials, to academic articles discussing the pedagogical justification and advantages of using technology in teaching, and will serve as a place to hi-light emerging technologies and techniques for successful implementation of technology in the classroom, and out.

The What’s New drop down menu at the top of the page will take you to a blog where we will regularly post articles with the latest information on educational technologies and best practices, as well as technology tips and up to date technology information. The Instructional Tools menu links to various categories of instruction where you will find suggestions for how to accomplish specific tasks using technology, along with detailed instructions.

If you would like to contribute to this site, please contact the educational technologist, Barbara Mindell.  We also welcome your suggestions for articles to post or documentation that you would like to see.

All documentation on the site is available for Delaware Law School personnel to download, in pdf format, by providing a password.  You can obtain the current documentation password from the librarians or the educational technology specialist.

For more information or instructional assistance, contact Barbara Mindell.