2014 Candidates for Pennsylvania Governor

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Issue Tom Corbett (R) Tom Wolf (D)
Green Jobs & Green Business Believes that “Energy=Jobs,” and Pennsylvania’s energy plan can be developed in a way that provides for an increase in jobs within our state. One of the means to accomplish this is through supporting market-based decisions that increase the use of naturally regenerative energy sources.This continued development of Pennsylvania’s energy sector is aimed at providing high quality energy-related jobs.


“Promote policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy alternatives, and invest in green energy technology and infrastructure.”


Specific goals include:

  • Expand the use of clean energy
  • Accelerate Investment in energy efficiency retrofits
  • Issue responsible climate change action plan
  • Set green building standards for state buildings
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Help build renewable energy workforce and sector


Investment in Environmental Infrastructure “Governor Tom Corbett announced an investment of $81.5 million in 14 non-point source, drinking water and wastewater projects across 11 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.”


Plans to rebuild state infrastructure by enacting policies that:

  • Create a multi-state partnership that allows goods and products to move smoothly from Pennsylvania to national and international markets.
  • Expand Pennsylvania’s internet networks to allow for higher speeds in rural areas. Wants to afford rural businesses the ability to expand, connect with social services, and access educational programming.


Clean Energy Plans to increase the use of solar electric across the state by setting minimum requirementsCreate solar incentive plans

Continue expanding Pennsylvania wind farms


sources by introducing legislation.Wants to accelerate investments in energy efficient retrofits.

Wants to rebuild renewable energy workforce and sector.


Sustainable Communities “Strong public-private partnerships help develop vibrant and sustainable communities,” said Corbett. “These downtown improvements in Manheim will continue to attract businesses, encourage commerce and will help the borough move forward.”


Plans to create higher paying manufacturing jobs. Tom Wolf believes that it is necessary to invest in the people by providing American made products that directly compete with products made in China. When implemented, this plan will reduce unemployment rates and increase the state’s economic position.


Tom Wolf also wants to expand senior care and available housing options.


Sustainable Agriculture Tom Corbett supports various legislative proposals to help agriculture, including elimination of the inheritance tax for family farms.


Believes “it is extremely important we continue to support farmland preservation, conservation, and the work of the Penn State Extension program.”


Climate Change Opposes President Obama’s proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, calling the initiative a “war on coal” and a “war on jobs.” Corbett said: “Here in Pennsylvania, nearly 63,000 men and women, including 8,100 miners, work in jobs supported by the coal industry.”


Governor Corbett cites natural gas production as a means for reducing greenhouse gas emission.


Will direct his Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection to produce a report based on science, and include meaningful emission reduction targets and policies in the upcoming 2015 Climate Change Act Plan (under Act 70).


Tom Wolf believes that oil and gas extraction in Pennsylvania needs to be done in a way that is mindful of climate change issues.


Sustainable Transportation Added no gas tax to 2014 transportation bill. According to the Corbett campaign: The transportation bill actually eliminated the state retail 12 cent gas tax. It did not introduce any new taxes.


Will grow statewide road and bridge program funding from $600 million to $800 million. This increased funding will promote the repair of bridges and roads, as well as traffic signal upgrades that implement new technology.


Proposes to bring together key stakeholders, engage the private sector, and leverage private dollars to kick-start projects that will increase Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness. Desires to build high-speed rail between Pennsylvania and Chicago capable of transporting manufactured goods in three hours.


Believes collaboration with neighboring states will be a powerful voice for requesting additional federal and private investment. Will also represent Pennsylvania’s interest in Washington D.C., requesting increased federal funds and flexibility to help overcome challenges with innovative infrastructure.


Marcellus Shale Fee or Tax Gas companies have paid Pennsylvania more than $2.1 billion in state taxes. They have also paid $400 million to local communities to aid with local projects. Tom Corbett has not heavily taxed the Marcellus drillers, believing that would cause drillers to move to more tax-friendly states. He says that more than 200,000 Pennsylvania jobs have been created, or are supported by, the natural gas industry.


Supports natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania. Wants to enact a 5 percent severance tax on gas extraction. “Unfortunately, Governor Corbett’s failed leadership has given away our state’s valuable resources without generating revenue for critical investments like schools, roads, and economic development and harmed our environment.”


Environmental Protection Corbett has said that climate change is ‘subject of debate’ and that other nations like China and India should also be expected to take action.


Tom Corbett does not support a one-year moratorium on natural gas drilling. Tom Corbett believes the Marcellus Shale should be developed with strong environmental stewardship and that we can continue to develop the natural gas resource while protecting our environment.


Tom Wolf wants to hire individuals who are guided by science and facts to guide policy development in state’s environmental agencies.


Tom Wolf plans on implementing the following:

  • Increase funding for the Department of Environmental Protection so that it is sufficiently staffed and able to provide proper oversight of drillers.
  • Bring greater transparency to the fracking process by requiring drillers to publicly disclose chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process.
  • Allow local communities more control in zoning.


Parks & Forests Governor Corbett issued an executive order overturning a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing of public park and forest land that had been in place since 2010. Under this order, Corbett will allow companies to extract gas horizontally from wells that are located in and around private land or in areas of state forests where leases already exist.


Tom Wolf said he wants to protect Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests and that they “are unique assets that should be better preserved, protected, and utilized by our citizens, especially our youth.”


Land Use Governor Corbett wants to continue to preserve farmland for farming use and allow for traditional Pennsylvania farming to continue along with the preservation of land use as it has gone on through the history of the Commonwealth.


Will support legislation giving Metropolitan Planning Organizations more authority, and prioritize revitalization over new development.


Plans to allow local communities more control in zoning.