Law Professors Teaching Sustainability in Variety of Ways

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Law professors in the United States and elsewhere are incorporating sustainability into their classes in a variety of ways.  A recently-compiled compendium with syllabi from eleven different courses can be downloaded here.  They were collected as part of the work of the American Bar Association Task Force on Sustainability.


These courses can be grouped in several categories.  Professors Patrick Parenteau (Vermont) and Amy Sinden (Temple) incorporate sustainable development into their climate change courses.  Professor Markus Gehring (Cambridge and Ottawa) teaches sustainable development as an integral part of European Union and international law.  Some professors, including Cindy Jennings (Denver) and Peter Appel (Georgia) teach sustainability as an aspect of business law.  Some teach stand-alone classes or seminars on sustainable development, including Shelley Saxer (Pepperdine), Jonathan Rosenbloom (Drake), Jessica Bacher (Pace), and me.  There are also courses that address the intersection of sustainable development and land use/community development (Joseph Schilling and Kaid Benfield, George Washington).


The depth and range of this collection should provide any professor with many excellent ideas about how to teach sustainability and integrate sustainability into existing courses.  This collection is indicative of the growing number of creative approaches to teaching sustainable development in law schools.  Many thanks to these professors for sharing their materials.


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