Stock-Based Compensation as a Factor in the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis—Parsons’s Side of the Table

Appraisal litigation relies on many different factors in determining the appropriate value of a company, and attorneys must present evidence illustrating how a particular factor impacts the value of the company. In a recent Court of Chancery opinion, Merion Capital, L.P. v. 3M Cogent, Inc., No. 6247-VCP, 2013 WL 3793896 (Del. Ch. 2013), Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons specifically addressed stock-based compensation and its impact on the value of a company. In a blog entry written for the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, DJCL staff editor Alexander Faris comments on the importance of an attorney’s duty to present evidence that stock-based compensation has a significant impact on the value of a company.


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