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If you were not at Commencement and have not been to the area of campus near Geesey Mansion, then you have missed the beautiful white gazebo that was chosen by the Class Gift Committee to be the 2009-2010 class gift. The Committee was chaired by 2009-2010 SBA Corresponding Secretary, Heather Brand and consisted of ’09-’10 SBA President, Destiny Prater, ’10-’11 SBA President, Damiano del Pino, Jen Weiler (2010), and Justin Roberts (2010). The funds were raised using proceeds from 50-50 raffles, the Halloween party, the 50 day Luau, and Quizzo games held during the 2009 – 2010 school year.

However, when it was determined that we ran short, a large donation from 2010 graduate, Reena Pushpangadan saved the day. Our thanks to all who contributed in ways big and small and to all those who voted on the gift. For those who are graduating in December 2010 or May 2011, look for information on the class gift coming out shortly. This year, the class gift committee is chaired by SBA Corresponding Secretary, Jennifer Ibanez and consists of SBA President, Damiano P. del Pino, and 3-L Class Representatives, Kaitlyn Coyne, Christopher Sulock, Navin Advani, William Feehan and Elizabeth Elidrissi . A vote on the class gift is expected soon. So far the Class Gift Committee has raised $.

Look for more Quizzo and other game nights, the 50-day Luau and other fundraisers. The vote will be advertised to all students (Traditionally, the vote was conducted only by the graduating class, however it was decided that since all students contribute, all students should have a say.) and the vote will be conducted via TWEN. Photos and or a description of the proposed gifts selected by the Class Gift Committee will be available to students before and during the vote.

To donate to the Class Gift, simply show up to a fundraiser such as Quizzo or the 50-day Luau or make a private donation on the School’s website and put “Class Gift 2011” in the memo / comments. Donations are tax deductible and there may be a naming opportunity for larger donations.

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