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bridge-streamWidener Law has been a leader in the field of environmental and natural resources law for nearly twenty years. It has seven full time faculty members who teach 15 environmental and natural resources related courses and hundreds of students in these fields. Some highlights include:

• A nationally renowned Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, which in 2009 celebrates its 20th year, currently led by Associate Professor of Law Ken Kristl.

• Special expertise in areas of environmental law including:

Constitutional Environmental Law

Citizen Suits

International Environmental Law

• Distinguished Professor of Law and Center Director John Dernbach’s leading treatises, STUMBLING TOWARD SUSTAINABILITY and AGENDA FOR A SUSTAINABLE AMERICA, along with dozens of publications and presentations on how to shape individual, local, state, federal and international policies to address pressing environmental challenges, including climate change, energy independence, and sustainable environmental stewardship. Professor Dernbach’s amicus brief in Massachusetts v. EPA helped shape the Supreme Court’s 2007 decision to require EPA to determine whether to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.  John was recently featured in Thomas Friedman’s bestseller, HOT, FLAT AND CROWDED.

• H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law, Professor of Graduate Engineering andCenter Associate Director Professor Jim May’s founding of the Mid-Atlantic Environmental Law Center, Delaware’s only public interest law firm, his expansion of the Widener Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, his 15 years of public interest law advocacy at every level from the United States Supreme Court to the City of Wilmington City Council, his extensive scholarship and speaking engagements, and forthcoming treatise, CONSTITUTIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW ; Professor May’s 2008 amicus brief in Entergy v. EPA, helped ensure that the Court heard from the nation’s top professors of environmental law.

• Professor David Hodas’ service as the North American Liaison of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, along with extensive scholarship and co-authoring a law textbook concerning climate change law.

• Professor Jean Eggen’s leading law school nutshell on TOXIC TORT LAW, a subject at more than 50 schools across the country.

• Professor Andy Strauss’ leading scholarship on international remedies to Climate Change, recognized as a top 100 idea for 2006 by the New York Times.

• Hosting six nationally influential symposia dedicated to environment, energy and resource issues, including climate change, environmental citizen suits, sustainability (thrice) and land use. The corresponding published proceedings have been cited as authority in hundreds of works of legal scholarship, books and judicial opinions nationwide.

• Our graduates, who have served top positions in the field, including William Wehrum (U.S. EPA’s top climate change and air pollution official, now at Beveridge & Diamond), Lesley Schaaff (U.S. EPA’s top environmental regulatory counsel), Maya K. van Rossum (Delaware Riverkeeper), Mary Ann Grena Manly (Bureau of National Affairs), Stephanie Hansen (Richards, Layton and Finger), Mary Jacobson (Mid-Atlantic Environmental Law Center), and William Ward (environmental counsel with the National Homebuilders Association).

We aim to continue to help shape environmental law, to teach tomorrow’s leaders, and to make a difference in the community.

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