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This page provides links to legal analyses generated in connection with the Environmental Help Line or other work we and our partner the Mid-Atlantic Environmental Law Center have done.  They are general in nature, intended only to give a background understanding of the topic.  They do not provide and should not be interpreted as providing any advice in connection with a particular legal problem.  That’s why we dubbed them “Citizen Guides.”

Citizens Guide to PA NPDES Permits

How does Pennsylvania’s permit systems for discharge of pollutants into waters of the US/Commonwealth work and how can I participate effectively in the process?


Citizens Guide to SLAPP Suits

What are the general rules concerning the legal protections for a citizen participating in the review of a development project or raising environmental concerns in a permit or other governmental proceeding?

PA_Citizens_Guide_to_SLAPP (.pdf)

DE_Citizens_Guide_to_SLAPP (.pdf)

Citizens Guide to Stormwater Liability Issues

What are the general principles concerning when one property owner might be liable for stormwater runoff onto a neighboring property?

PA_Citizens_Guide_re_Stormwater_Liability (.pdf)

Citizen’s Guide to Article I, Section 27 of the PA Constitution

How have PA courts interpreted the right to clear air and water announced in Article I, § 27 of the PA Constitution?

PA_Citizens_Guide_to_Art_I_Sect_27 (.pdf)

Citizen’s Guide to Project 70

What are the legal rules governing parks and other recreational land purchased with Project 70 funds?

PA_Citizens_Guide_to_project_70 (.pdf)

Citizen’s Guide to the PA Sunshine Act

What are the rules governing the need for public meetings when PA governmental entities make decisions?

PA_Citizens_Guide_re_Sunshine_Act (.pdf)

Citizen’s Guide to Marcellus Shale Legal Issues

What are some of the legal issues related to natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation in PA?  The new, updated guide discusses general legal issues related to environmental and landowner aspects of the Marcellus Shale boom, as well as some of the changes in the legal landscape wrought by the 2012 amendments to the Oil and Gas Act by what is known as “Act 13.”

Citizens Guide to Marcellus Shale Issues (Late Summer 2012)


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