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An important role that the Clinic plays is providing general legal analysis that the public and regulators may find helpful in trying to understand legal issues of interest.  The Clinic and its partner MAELC have prepared many analyses, which we call Citizen Guides.  Here are some of those Guides:

NPDES Permit Process Guides

Understanding how permits for discharges into waterways are issued and the ways that the public can participate in that process is not easy for the average citizen to grasp.  MAELC has prepared two guides that are specific to the process in DE, PA and NJ:




Guides re SLAPP Suits

A common concern of citizens is whether participation in a permitting process or opposition to a particular environmental action can subject them to suit by the permittee.  The threat of such suits can have the effect of making citizens decide not to get involved or participate.  That is why such suits are sometimes called Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPP Suits.  PA and DE law provide protection against SLAPP Suits.  We discuss that law in these guides:



Guides re Miscellaneous Legal Issues

Based on Clinic work, we have also generated a wide variety of Citizen Guides on different legal topics:

Citizens Guide to Marcellus Shale Issues (2012)




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