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Jan 11 2011

Climate Science: Addressing the Major Skeptic Arguments

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For those of you interested in learning about the details and merits of the various arguments skeptics have raised about climate change science should read the whitepaper commissioned by DB Climate Change Advisors, Climate Change: Addressing the  Major Skeptic Arguments  (September 2010).  It was written by Mary-Elana Carr and others from Columbia University Earth Institute […]

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Mar 13 2010

China and India Agree to Copenhagen Accord

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On March 8, 2009 India submitted a letter to the UNFCC Secretariat in which India agreed to be formally listed as a party on the Copenhagen Accord.  On March 9, 2009, China agreed to be listed as a party.  With China and India agreeing to be listed, the Copenhagen Accord now includes all of the world’s […]

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Feb 01 2010

SEC Announces Interpretive Guidance on Climate Change Disclosure

SEC Issues Interpretive Guidance on Disclosure Related to Business or Legal Developments Regarding Climate Change FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
2010-15 Text of Chairman’s Statement Washington, D.C., Jan. 27, 2010 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to provide public companies with interpretive guidance on existing SEC disclosure requirements as they apply to business or legal developments […]

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Dec 15 2009

Climate Change Law: Mitigation and Adaptation

This site will support the coursebook by providing relevant international treaties and documents, links to reports and articles, statutes and regulations. It will also grow over time to reflect the evolving nature of climate change law. We are looking to launch the site in January 2010.

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Sep 17 2009

About the Authors

The book authors will be contributing to this site on a regular basis: Richard G. Hildreth, David R. Hodas, Nicholas A. Robinson and James Gustave Speth. For further information, please contact David R. Hodas

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