Closings & Cancellations: HB

September 22nd, 2011

Campus Closings & Class Cancellations Policy: Harrisburg Campus

Class Cancellations

Policy For Cancelling Day Classes:
In the event that it becomes necessary for classes to be cancelled, the
decision to cancel day classes will be made by 6:30am.

Policy For Cancelling Evening Classes:

In the event that it becomes necessary for classes to be cancelled,
the decision to cancel evening classes will be made by 2pm.

Full Policy

The policy for closing the University in an emergency starts with the understanding that all essential areas of the University will be adequately staffed, even if classes are canceled. Because of its location, the Harrisburg Campus will operate under a different cancellation policy. The vice dean is responsible for notifying the Harrisburg radio and television stations. His decision will be made in consultation with the president and the dean of the School of Law. Decisions concerning class cancellations will be made by 6:30 AM for day classes and 2:00 PM for evening classes.

If Widener University – Harrisburg Campus is not broadcast by name, the School of Law is open and all personnel are expected to be present. Anyone unable to report when the University is open MUST notify his/her dean or department head. The dean or department head should have a backup plan to accommodate reduced staffing. If a biweekly employee cannot report to work when the University is open, the absence will be treated as a personal or vacation day.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not the Harrisburg Campus is closed, please call
the Harrisburg Campus Information Line at 717-541-1941.
Inclement weather information will also be available on on
Campus Cruiser.

The maintenance department will have personnel on duty even if the day school is closed.

If, because of mechanical failure or weather conditions, the University must be closed during class hours, the president will make the decision and will notify the vice dean. If the president is away from the University, the provost will make the decision.

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