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Karaoke night at Café Blue




So the first weekend of my stay in Italy is here and I find myself starved for ideas.  I haven’t had much time to visit some of the other neighborhoods besides Santa Croce itself, where our apartment is located.  Keeping it local I’ll probably go exploring on foot at some point on Saturday I guess.  For now though I’m here at my new favorite place, Café Blue, a local bar and trendy hangout where I’m quickly becoming a regular.  Not that I’m much of a drinker, but you can’t beat free unlimited wireless internet… all for the price of a €2 glass of Sauvignon, or in tonight’s case, a €6 mojito


Most of the other participants in the summer program are here too, my roommate Sam, Debbie, Georgine, Rachel, Dana and Ryan.  No word on the other Ryan and his roommate Jared, who’ve been recovering I assume, since an encounter with one birra too many last night.


Tonight is Karaoke night at Café Blue, so not only do we get to be serenaded by a couple brave (and mostly talented) Veneziani… who I must again stress are great hosts, in addition to being good sports.  I got drafted to sing lead on Elton John’s “Your Song”… which just so happens to be one of my favorite Elton John song, and all in all my karaoke debut went off without a hitch, if not much fanfare.  After hitting all the right notes and harmonizing with Stefano in front of a bar of complete strangers, I don’t think it would have been asking too much for the clouds to part and the heavens to take notice *kicks rocks*.  I certainly did no worse than Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge lol.


Debbie and Georgine even got up and serenaded us with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I will Survive and Y.M.C.A. while Sam begged off Stefano’s entreaties to get up and join in the self abuse.  Part of the fun was listening to the Bee Gees being sung in heavily-accented English, though most of the fare was being sung in Italian.  If not I might have joined in some more… after another mojito or two that is.


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