Jun 18 2009

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GENEVAJune 1st-June 30th, 2009

You have the opportunity to study abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland, a breathtakingly beautiful city near Geneva, which is known throughout the world as an international center for law, policy, and diplomacy. Widener students have been traveling to Switzerland for a unique and exciting summer program since 1991; but for 2009 and subsequent years we have made some changes. We have a new, more user-friendly location, a new academic host, and a new, shorter course format, which will allow students to choose among (i) more travel time after completing course work, (ii) taking a second set of courses in our Venice program, and (iii) returning home earlier, for summer work or other activities.

witzerland is bordered by France, Germany, Austria, Italy and tiny Liechtenstein. Lausanne’s central location places most of the great cities and regions of Europe within reach; Paris, Milan, Florence, Venice, Brussels, Munich and Innsbruck are easy weekend journeys. Adventuresome students can reach Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, or Barcelona in a day (or night) by train.

Switzerland itself has four official languages and corresponding cultures: French, German, Italian and Romansch. Each of these regions is easily accessible in a few hours travel.

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