Jun 13 2010

U-S-A, U-S-A

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It is Saturday, and I’m just returning from a full days worth of classes. Not only is it bizarre having class on the weekend, but even more so that it marks the completion of one class (International Investment Law) and the beginning of another (Comparative and International Health Law). Much to my surprise, the campus was filled with students, who I suppose, were attempting to cram some last minute studying before finals.

Yesterday the world cup began in South Africa. As you can imagine, the people of Lausanne have taken up the call of arms to cheer on the Swiss team to victory. For those who don’t wish to confine themselves to watching the game in their living room, city officials have erected a ginormous TV screen (picture drive-in movie screen size) along the Port D’Ouchy where avid football fans can watch the world cup games streaming live from South Africa. On our way into the city last night, we were dumbfounded by the amount of people gathered in front a screen. Collective cheers and shouts of outrage could be heard from blocks away:


Photo courtesy of RAQ


Photo courtesy of RAQ

Out of a probable several thousand people, we were clearly the minority of fans cheering for the United States. Regardless of what anyone can say about the Europeans, they sure are intense about their soccer. We were fortunate enough to be studying abroad during the world cup.

Today is the first day off from class. Kelly and I plan on exploring the St. Francois sector of Lausanne courtesy of several people we met through our travels. Andrew will be studying at the lake, and the weather is a brisk 66 degrees. Although classes begin again tomorrow, we’ll enjoy ourselves by immersing ourselves in the culture of this beautiful city.

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