Jun 18 2009

Getting Ready For the Geneva Program!

GENEVALausanne, Europe at Your Fingertips
Arguably the most beautiful city in Switzerland, Lausanne is also perfectly situated for travel throughout the rest of Europe. Our host, the venerable University of Lausanne, boasts views of both the Alps and Lake Geneva. Less than an hour away, Geneva will be a resource for both educational and recreational purposes.

An International City
Home to numerous international organizations such as the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and the World Trade Organization, Geneva is a center of global business. Chosen as the seat for the League of Nations in 1920, Geneva has maintained a reputation as a cosmopolitan city that welcomes people from all over the world.

Course Work
In conjunction with the Faculty of Law and Criminal Justice of the University of Lausanne, the program will offer four to six two-week courses, with which Widener Law students may earn up to six credits in all. (Please note that the courses offered may vary from year to year.) Courses are designed in a two-week format, each yielding one or two academic credits for Widener students. Students may enroll in courses for one or both of the two-week segments scheduled for Lausanne. If only one segment is chosen, students are free for other undertakings, including enrolling in Widener’s Venice program.

Other Information and Frequently Asked Questions
For more information about housing, or course materials, feel free to browse the site. If you have a specific question that you want answered, try the FAQ, and if you can’t find the answer to your question there, then please contact us. You can also download the student manual or find out how to keep up with the most up-to-date details about the Geneva Study Abroad Program through The West Education Network and your Westlaw homepage.

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  1. Kenon 18 Jun 2009 at 4:44 pm

    This sounds like a wonderful program!

  2. Cuisinart DCC 1000on 04 Jun 2010 at 2:43 am

    It sure does sound like a wonderful program!

  3. Cuisinart DCC 1000on 04 Jun 2010 at 2:44 am

    A wonderful program indeed!

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