It’s not the vuvuzelas Cup . . .

The constant blare of the vuvuzelas (B flat at up to 127 decibels) may strike some as the signature note of this World Cup, but I am coming to think of this World Cup as the Social Networking Cup.  I had been thinking about this theme already when I got a message on the Facebook  [...]

Stephen Hawking, H. G. Wells and the Neanderthals

H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, Stephen Hawking’ recent Discovery Channel specials and the latest news on Human Evolution and our friends the Neanderthals may seem like disparate threads to unite into a common theme, but bear with me.

In episode two of Stephen Hawkings’ Universe, Hawking warns that SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial [...]

Facebook/MySpace and the First Amendment

So you are convinced your algebra teacher is the worst teacher ever.  Why not vent your frustration with a condemnatory Facebook group or a fake MySpace profile?

Two Third Circuit cases that came out earlier this month point out the unsettled nature of the law of Freedom of Speech in the context of internet postings by [...]