Women’s World Cup, part three: Group D

I leave for Nairobi and the Widener University School of Law Summer Abroad Program in exactly one week and I am getting very pumped. As I said earlier, the only downside is that I will not be home to watch the Women’s World Cup on my trusty HD flat screen. Since I will be in Africa, my two teams — in addition to the USA — will be Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. I blogged about Nigeria and Group A yesterday and today I take a look at Group D.

The no brainer is that Brazil will win the group handily and — along with host Germany and number one ranked USA — has a real shot at taking the whole thing. Brazil, which came in second to Germany in 2007, features Marta, who is currently the best player in the world.

Norway will also do well. Pros: have been in every Cup, won the 1995 Cup, won the 2000 Olympics, have always been strong in Europe. Cons: in the same group with Brazil. So I will pick Norway as runner-up.

How can you not like a team called the Matildas? But Australia will be without their top striker Kate Gill (injury). They would need some luck to top Norway for second place.

Unfortunately but realistically, Equatorial Guinea  – despite my rooting for them –will not advance to the knock-out round in their first trip to the Cup.  But you have to start somewhere. Here’s hoping that put together a decent freshman debut.

The winner of Group D plays the runner-up of Group C on July 10. I am calling for Brazil v. Sweden, with Brazil advancing. The runner-up of D plays the winner of C the same day; I have USA playing Norway. That will be a tough contest but I have to go with the USA.

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