My iPod is ready for Nairobi

With rather long flight times between Harrisburg and Nairobi (Harrisburg to Detroit, to Amsterdam to Nairobi over a two-day stretch and the reverse coming back) I had to load some new stuff on the iPod. First up, was the cast soundtrack for “The Story of Mormom,” which I had wanted anyway, but sort of makes [...]

Women’s World Cup, part three: Group D

I leave for Nairobi and the Widener University School of Law Summer Abroad Program in exactly one week and I am getting very pumped. As I said earlier, the only downside is that I will not be home to watch the Women’s World Cup on my trusty HD flat screen. Since I will be in [...]

Women’s World Cup part two: Group A

I am continuing my preview of the Women’s World Cup, with a bit of emphasis on the two African teams, since I will be in Nairobi (or in transit) during this Cup.

Group A could easily shape up to be the most interesting group in the 2011 Women’s World Cup, with each team — Germany, Canada, [...]

Morton versus Gould redux

While getting ready for my classes in Kenya, specifically for a discussion of the “scientific” and religious theories that justified racism and, in turn slavery and colonialism, I reviewed a law review article I wrote back in 2000: “Blood Will tell: Scientific Racism and the Legal Prohibitions on Miscegenation.” Most of what I wrote back [...]