Interesting developments in Groups A and B

Everybody has had one game and Groups A and B have had two and there have been some interesting developments.

The big news of Group A is just how bad France has looked with just one point after a tie with Uruguay and a stunning 2-0 loss to Mexico earlier today.  France could go home without a goal, let alone without advancing , if they don’t score against South Africa.  Both Mexico and Uruguay would advance if they draw against each other on June 22, but that would leave Mexico in second place and facing Argentina in the second round on June 27. So they have incentive to win out and face either South Korea or Greece.

In Group B, Argentina has looked very, very good, with two wins, six points and plus five on goals. I had expected more from Nigeria, but they are going home. Currently tied for second, Greece will face Argentina and South Korea will face Nigeria.

Groups C and D begin their second games tomorrow. USA faces Solvenia, which temporarily leads the group on the strength of a win over Algeria.  I will probably take seven points to win this group, so the Slovenia and the Algeria games can fairly be called “must win” for the USA.  Although taking the group from England still seems like a long shot, the winner of C takes on the runner up from D, probably Ghana, whereas the runner up in C takes on a German side that looked very strong in its debut.

Here is a fun scenario:  Mexico wins Group A, and beats Group B runner-up South Korea in the second round.  USA wins Group C and beats Ghana in the second round.  That would set up a quarterfinal of: USA v. Mexico.  That would truly be awesome. 

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