Widener University School of Law – Harrisburg

About SBA

The Widener Harrisburg Student Bar Association (SBA) is a group of student representatives, elected by the student body, who are here to serve you, the students at the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania campus of Widener University School of Law.  The SBA sponsors four major events each school year starting with the Dean’s Picnic in September, the annual Halloween party in October, Barrister’s Ball in March, and 30 Days Party in April.  The SBA also organizes intramural sports, charity fundraisers, and is the overseeing entity of Widener’s student organizations.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers below.

President – Thomas Russo (tmrusso@mail.widener.edu)
VP Academic – Monica Ugliuzza (mladams@mail.widener.edu)
VP Social – Benjamin Lombard (bmlombard@mail.widener.edu)
Treasurer – Cassie Munsee (cassandramunsee@gmail.com)
Secretary – Nicole Danner (nmdanner@mail.widener.edu)
Tech Secretary – Sean Cooper (smcooper1@mail.widener.edu)
ABA Representative – Key Barot (kybarot@mail.widener.edu)
PBA Representative – Kosta Patsiopoulous (kpatsiopoulos@mail.widener.edu)