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Seeking feedback for tournament events at the 2014 Dean’s Picnic

The annual Dean’s Picnic will be held on Saturday, September 13, 2014, from Noon to 4 p.m. on the grounds around the Student Organizations Building/Side Bar Cafe. The Dean’s Picnic is a fun-filled event open to students and their family and friends. Come out and enjoy the food, beverages, games, prizes, and music!

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Congratulations to the 2014 – 2015 SBA Executive Board!

I am pleased to announce the new SBA Executive Board for 2014 – 2015:

President – Thomas Russo (
VP Academic – Coley Vito (
VP Social – Benjamin Lombard (
Treasurer – Lee Molitoris (
Secretary – Nicole Danner (
Tech Secretary – Sean Cooper (

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Congratulations to the 2012-2013 SBA Executive Board!

 President: Kristin Potter

VP Academic: Jamilah Espinosa

VP Social: Jessica Boyles

Treasurer: Ami Patel

Secretary: Danielle Strojnik

Technology Secretary: Anamari Jimenez

ABA Rep: Roma Patel

PBA Rep: Rebekka Vallandingham

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Congratulations to the New SBA Division Representatives!

Cara Chromiak (1RD – Section P)
Jessica Boyles (1RD – Section P)
Anamari Jimenez (1RD – Section N)
Jamilah Espinosa (1RD – Section N)
Rebecca Bailey (1ED)
Ryan Gonder (1ED)
Ami Patel (2RD)
Roma Patel (2RD)
Jacqueline Harris (2ED)
Megan Henry (3RD)
Pete Aziz (3RD)
Tricia Lontz (3ED)
Kari Panza (3ED)
J. Diane Brannon-Nordtromme (4ED)
Matt Kaminsky (4ED)

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Congratulations to the New 2011-2012 SBA Board!

President – Nicole Radziewicz
VP Academic – Erica Scavone
VP Social – Kristin Potter
Treasurer – Matt Werner
Secretary – Danielle Strojnik
ABA Representative – Ashley Oakey
PBA Representative – Rebekka Vallandingham
Technology Secretary- Rebecca Kunkel

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SBA 2010-2011 Executive Board Election Results

The 2010-2011 SBA Executive Board Election Results are as follows:

President: Devyn Zachary

Vice-President Academic: Camille Fundora

Vice-President Social: Nicole Radziewicz

Treasurer: Matthew Werner

Secretary: Kristen Sidari

ABA – Law Student Division Representative: Patrick Gallo

Pennsylvania Bar Association Representative: Nichole Wilson

Finally, a new position was created this year responsible for the SBA website:

Secretary Technology: Ashley Rogers


Congratulations to all who were elected!

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SBA Announces New Class Representatives

Congratulations to the new SBA Class Representatives:

1st Year

Regular Division:

Daniel Strojnik

Jared Maiero

Ami Patel

Roma Patel

Extended Division:

Audrey Bloemendaal

Jacqulyn Harris

Second Year

Regular Division:

Peter Aziz

Andrew Brockway

Extended Division:

Kari Panza

Tricia Lontz

Third Year

Regular Division:

Valerie Sylves

Karin Judge

Sam Snyder

Extended Division:

Rebecca Kunkel

Alex Langan

Fourth Year

Extended Division:

Valerie Davis

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