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If you were not around for Commencement 2010, then you might not have heard about the awards distributed to faculty by the school and the graduating class. Each year, graduates have the opportunity to vote for the recipient of the annual OUTSTANDING FACULTY MEMBER AWARD. This Award, given at every law school across the nation, is chosen by you, the graduates, during the months of April. The office of the Registrar coordinates the voting process, so look for e-mails from the Registrar’s Office during the end of the Spring semester and REMEMBER TO VOTE.

Remember, this award, organized by the Registrar’s Office and presented at Commencement is chosen by YOU. This is your opportunity to say which professor inspired and touched your life the most in the classroom during your time here. This is your opportunity to recognize excellence in teaching from a student’s perspective. The 2010 OUTSTANDING FACULTY AWARD was conferred upon Associate Professor Leslie A. Johnson, Esq., a fifth win for Professor Johnson.

The School’s policy is that professors cannot win in consecutive years, so Professor Johnson will not eligible this year. Some of our prior winners include, Professors, Paul Regan, Jules Epstein, Leonard Sosnov, Robert L. Hayman, Jr., Alan E. Garfield, John G. Culhane, and others. The winner gets a plaque presented at commencement and attends an annual reception hosted by the American Association of Law Schools where they will be honored along with recipients from all over the nation. The award is also put in the professor’s personnel file and on the school’s website. It is a big a deal ! So, don’t forget to vote and have your say this semester !

Professor Johnson (pictured) stood before a wall of honoraria as she spoke about how humbled and truly touched she was at receiving the award.

Another prestigious award granted to faculty at commencement is the Douglas E. Ray Excellence in Faculty Scholarship Award, named after a former Dean of the Law School . Faculty scholarship comprises articles, chapters, books and other publications written by our faculty. The 2010 award was given to Professor David R. Hodas and Associate Professor Jules Epstein for their outstanding achievements in scholarship.

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