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The SBA is offering business card services for a small fee to all students. Please fill out the attached form and e-mail to Ted Henry, SBA Recording Secretary, or drop it off at the mailroom to his mailbox (#174).

The Cards will be on business card stock, pre cut, with the Widener Shield and “Widener University School of Law” with your name, up to two titles (The default is “J.D.” (or other) Candidate and anticipated year of graduation, up to two phone #’s, a mailing address and an email address. Be sure to fill out the form with your information THE WAY YOU WANT IT to appear on your cards.


Payment may be made in cash, check (payable to Widener School of Law) or Credit Card (Visa and MC only) Forms are posted to TWEN, available through the CDO, ITS Lab, or by e-mailing Ted Henry at edward.j.henry at forms and payment may be dropped off to Ted personally by arranging an appointment with him via e-mail, or put in his campus mailbox # 174.

The fee schedule can be found on TWEN

10 cards = $1.00

30 cards = $3.00

50 cards = $4.00

100 cards = $7.00

150 cards = $10.00

250 cards = $14.00

500 cards = $18.00

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