Brown Bag Lunch: Politics, Religion, and Taxes

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As part of the on-going Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series, Associate Professor of Law, Nicholas A. Mirkay, Esq. led a HPIM1560[1]discussion about the intersection of politics, religion and taxes.  Religious organizations, as you may know, are tax exempt organizations which means not only do they not have to pay taxes, but they can solicit donations from people who would then get a tax deduction for doing so.

The tax code is clear, though, that these same organizations NOT endorse any particular candidate. here is a lot more to it, obviously, nothing in the law is that simple. This conversation, which beganHPIM1561[1]with a brief power point demonstration before being opened up to students for their input, opinions and questions, discussed exceptions, U.S. Supreme court cases and other intricacies.

The event featured Aramark Pizza and beverages and was held in the Student Lounge of the Main law Building. The event ran about an hour from noon until 1 PM and was attended by approximately 35 people including faculty (Professors, Ray, May, Williams, Andre Smith, Erin Daly (Also the Dean of Faculty Development), Alicia Kelly, and Patrick Kelly, who is our Vice Dean) and students. The discussion was lively and scholarly. People shared opinions, gut reactions, policy arguments legal HPIM1565[1]arguments and several questions were posed by students and faculty. Constance Sweeney coordinated the food and advertising for the event. This is the second in teh series which started a couple of weeks ago with Professor Jules Epstein’s discussion about the Islamic Cultural Center being built in Manhattan, near ground zero.

The next event will feature Dean Verne Smith with a discussion about animal law. More details to follow. See the Widener Web Page for more information and the Widener Facebook Page for more photos.

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