OUTLaw Hosts Guest Speaker Faisal Alam

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Widener Law School’s Student Bar Association and Widener Law’s OUTLaw organization proudly hosted speaker Faisal Alam on campus Tuesday, October 19th.  Mr. Alam gave a talk on the intersection of law, lesbian and gay rights, and the Islamic faith.  His talk focused on the legal status of LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed, and Questioning) communities throughout the world.HPIM1463

The speaker highlighted the many struggles of sexual and gender minorities throughout the world and in America by examining the complex intersection of Islam, sexuality and gender within a legal framework that is often oppressive toward these minority persons.  After the event, students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to network with each other and members of the GALLOP (Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia) Board who were in attendance.

Information handed out at the event will be posted on the SBA Facebook page, and the SBA TWEN site.

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