SBA President del Pino Reviews with Chief Raport of Campus Safety Recent Upgrades to Security.

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Lighting in the rear lot behind Shipley Hall has been added as well as more lights to the South Lot near Polishook. Each month, Campus Safety makes a detailed report of any lights that are out or in need of repair.  Those reports are then sent to Campus Services for the needed repairs / light bulbs. If a student notices a light out, they can report it at the campus safety desk in Concord Hall. Further, the number and placement of lights throughout campus was determined with the consultation of experts in the field of safety and security. This is part of an annual Security Assessment that is conducted on all four campuses. Finally, shrubbery and trees have been cut back to improve visibility and lighting throughout the campus.

Although call boxes have been put on hold for now, cameras have been installed around the town houses and dorm buildings.  These are monitored both at our Campus Safety station in Concord Hall as well as in the main office on the Chester Campus. University officials are discussing more cameras in the future.

For students who have evening classes, Campus Safety will post a car, as available, in the rear lot behind Shipley Hall between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 during nights when classes are in session. Beyond that, students can always call Campus Safety at 302.477.220 (ext 2200 from any in-house phone) and request an escort to your vehicle if desired.

In the coming year, all students, faculty and staff will also be asked to register their vehicle with Campus Safety (more details on this initiative will follow from Campus Safety). This program will make it easier to contact students if Campus Saftey finds a vehicle with a light on, door open, or the victim of any damage.

Remember that as members of the Campus Safety Community, we ALL play a pivotal role in ensuring that we enjoy a safe campus. Be sure to report ANY suspicious activity to a Campus Safety officer (either on patrol, at the desk in Concord Hall or by phone).  Anonymous complaints and reports will be held in confidence. Lock your dorm and apartment doors when you are not in and lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight (taken with you if at all possible). Please contact campus safety or visit their homepage for further information.

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