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SBA President del Pino Reviews with Chief Raport of Campus Safety Recent Upgrades to Security.

Lighting in the rear lot behind Shipley Hall has been added as well as more lights to the South Lot near Polishook. Each month, Campus Safety makes a detailed report of any lights that are out or in need of repair.  Those reports are then sent to Campus Services for the needed repairs / light […]

Second Circuit rules student loan company’s arbitration clause is unenforceable.

The New York Law Journal (7/13, Hamblett) reports, “A lawyer who sued a student loan company over hidden fees in loan agreements cannot be forced into arbitration and can pursue a class action, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday. The circuit in Fensterstock v. Affiliated Computer Services, 09-1562-cv, said that the loan […]

SBA Has a New Email Address

As an easier and more convenient way of contacting your SBA board, please send email to Additionally, board members will make an effort to respond to any communication through G-Chat during office hours.

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