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The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) opened in January 2005 in order to coordinate student public interest work at Widener Law’s Delaware Campus. PIRC does not provide direct client services. Instead, it teams students with public interest agencies and lawyers to help those in need. If you are interested in putting your classroom education to the test while helping clients who could really use your expertise, then PIRC can help you find an opportunity that suits your interests and your schedule. This site serves as your resource for everything in Public Interest at Widener Law’s Delaware Campus!

Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn

Contact Us
Office Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm or by appointment

Sydney Howe-Barksdale, Director
Room: 282
Phone: (302) 477-2214

Kristan Crane Lopez, Secretary
Room: 281
Phone: (302) 477-2264
Fax: (302) 477-2706

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