Let the Adventure Begin

Well I arrived one day later then expected however the arrival was surreal. I arrived at the airport paid for my visa and walked out to a driver holding my name on a white board and got on board a safari bus to the Bid’s Apartments. On the way to the Bids right outside the airport in the rising sun were giraffe grazing in a field off the airport. Arriving at the Bids was interesting. No matter what type of luggage you have and no matter what weight it is the security guard will throw it on his shoulders and guide you to your room. The rooms are adequate for a developing country and come complete with cleaning and bed making services.

The first great experience was dinner at the Carnivore restaurant. Talk about amazing food. You walk into the restaurant and first come upon a huge fire pit with rotisserie style food, take a seat and the food starts coming. Everything from beef, chicken, pork and crocodile come straight from the grill and cut off the rotisserie sticks onto your plate and they don’t stop until you drop a little white flag and surrender. Oh and not to mention you get company from a very friendly cat.

The first safari we went on was to Lake Naivasha and Hells Gate Gorge. There are truly no words to describe so I will let the pictures tell the story. The group came out bruised and scraped from rock climbing through the Gorge however it is an experience that we will never forget and I’m sure there are more to come.

Written by Brandy

Category: Nairobi


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