A Widener Legal Nurse consultant is an experienced registered nurse who
brings medial knowledge to the practice of law.  The primary role
of the Legal Nurse Consultant is to evaluate, analyze and render
informed opinions regarding the delivery of healthcare and the
resulting outcomes.
During our LNC Mentorship course, students will
be introduced to environments where Legal Nurse Consulting is
practiced.  These include, but are not limited to law firms,
insurance companies, state agencies, independent practice, and/or risk
management areas.  Students will be paired with a Legal Nurse
Consultant on a rotating basis in order to gain first-hand practical
knowledge of the role of the Legal Nurse Consultant.

In this site, students will be sharing their diverse Mentorship experiences through their daily journals.

About the 2006  LNC Mentorship authors

Christine Tremblay, RN:
My professional nursing background: Clinical nursing centers in Med-Surg and School Nursing. I have also a certification as a Skin Care Specialist. This was achieved while training and working in Medical Sales with the Gaymore Corporation out of Orchard Park, N.Y. My position was both as a Salesperson in selling and promoting the use of Low-Air Loss Bed Systems to prevent and treat decubitus ulcers and Nurse Specialist in setting up the system for the nursing staff. This is the part of the job I enjoyed the most because I had direct patient contact during this role of my job. From there, I received my Certification in Healthcare Risk Management. This took me to downtown Philadelphia to Jefferson University in their Risk Management Department. Most likely, this is where my appetite was developed for legal nursing. It was after this exciting position,that the RN in my husband’s medical had to leave for personal reasons and guess who was elected? You guessed-Me! This has been very rewarding and quite an education. In today’s medicine and the restrictions the third party carriers have placed on doctors it is very frustrating for the doctor,nurse and of course,the patient. In a day, I can have my attentions on anything from Pharmaceutical Liability to setting up Homecare to Triage Nursing to reviewing the doctor’s records for their documentation. As you can see, very boring!     

Jean Marie McKinney, RN:
I am presently employed as the Quality Assurance Administrator in the Division of Long Term Care Resident’s Protection in Delaware. I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Nursing. In June of this year I will complete my certification as a Legal
Nurse Consultant. I have been involved in the survey and certification process of long term care facilities for 15 years. The survey process was established by the federal government to ensure that there was a mechanism in place to evaluate the standard of care provided to the elderly in nursing homes across the country. Prior to my work in long term care, I was the Medicare Administrator for a home health care agency that my husband and I owned.Additionally I have clinical experience in cardiac and intensive care nursing.

About the 2005  LNC Mentorship authors

Karen Dougherty RN:
 I have been
practicing in the field of Nursing close to twenty years.  I have had many challenging and diverse opportunities.  From the role of bedside nurse, clinical evaluator, case manager, marketing representative,
admissions director, and lastly a assistant administrator. 
I have worked with the adult patient in the acute setting, elderly in the nursing home and assisted living sector, and assisted
family members with the associated care needs of their loved ones.  Nursing has been a rewarding profession. I compare my career in nursing to a tree with many branches.  Legal consulting is a small twig on my tree, ready to branch out in a new direction!

Stephanie Gordon RN, C:
Completed nursing education at Presbyterian Hospital School of
Nursing in  Philadelphia and worked in intensive care as well as medical
surgical nursing  for 5 years. This was followed by 30 years in longterm care in
Pennsylvania. Employed for the past 19 years as the Director of Nursing for a
skilled facility which is part of a lifecare community. Will complete
legal nurse  consultant education at Widener University in May 2006. Thorough
knowledge of longterm care regulations. Send your comments to sxg0304@mail.widener.edu

Janet Tridente:
Janet Tridente is a critical care nurse for more than 25 years. Her career has allowed her to work among an interdisciplinary health care team with private accountability for patient care. Presently, her workplace is in a Cardiovascular/ Interventional Radiology Lab.
Janet has earned the CCRN credential and holds a BSN from the University of Delaware. Currently, she is completing a Legal Nurse Consulting program from Widener University’s Legal Education Institute and anticipates graduation in May 2006.
Send your comments to jtridente@mail.widener.edu