Big success for a small firm

Larry Sullivan, an attorney in Newark, Delaware, has found great success with his blog: To my surprise, Mr. Sullivan uses his blog as an internal resource, as well as an external marketing tool. Mr. Sullivan has set up links on the left side of the blog’s home page. These links direct him and his staff to the various court web sites in Delaware. Mr. Sullivan has found that the technology of the blog helps him update information easier and quicker than if he had a traditional HTML web site (I can attest that maintaining a blog is very easy as the technology is user friendly). With the blog, Mr. Sullivan efficiently keeps clients informed by updating important Delaware cases, changes in the law and current events. Not surprisingly, the blog has provided to be a great marketing tool. Mr. Sullivan’s blog is on virtually every google or yahoo query regarding Delaware lawyers. The blog receives over 400 visits per day. The key to the blogs success: Mr. Sullivan advises that the blog is a success because it is being used as a tool, rather than just a stagnate site – and he has dedicated much time and effort into the develpoment of the blog.