Sep 24 2009

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10/6 Healthcare Reform Debate (Vale, 4:30) 1/22




Regulatory Compliance Program: Pharma


6/7 -


Summer Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland
11/19 Raynes McCarty Lecture: Professor Paul Starr, Health Care at Reform: The Long View 3/18 Open House for MJ in Health Law applicants (6:00)
11/12 MJ/DL alumni reception (Barristers, 6:00 – 8:00) 3/26 Symposium: Health Law for the Elderly

On Tuesday, October 6, Widener Law will host a debate on the proposed health law reforms being discussed in Congress.  The debate will be moderated by Professor Leslie Johnson.  On the left will be two students and Distinguished Professor, Dr. Robert Justin Lipkin, Esq. Ph.D., and on the right will be two students and Associate Professor, Dr. Thaddeus M. Pope, Esq. Ph.D.  The event will not be public.

This debate is co-sponsored by the Student Bar Association, the Democratic Law Caucus, the Republican Law Caucus, and the Health Law Society, all student-run organizations.  The event will be video recorded and covered by the Law School’s web master for posting on its website.

Damiano Presley del Pino
President, Military Law Society
President, American Association for Justice (Widener Chapter)

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