Commencement 2014

Delaware, May 17 | Harrisburg, May 18

Commencement 2014 - Delaware, May 17 | Harrisburg, May 18

Dear 2014 Graduates

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of the Widener University School of Law, I am writing to congratulate you as you approach the culmination of your legal education, our 2014 commencement ceremonies.

Commencement marks the completion of your legal studies and, accordingly, it is one of the most significant events on our academic calendar. At commencement, we celebrate your achievements and all the hard work that helped you reach this stage of your career. We also recognize the faculty’s role in preparing you for the future and express appreciation to all of those who helped you succeed, especially your families.

I am looking forward to participating with you in the commencement ceremony and the events which surround it, and hope that your family and friends will join us to make your graduation a memorable occasion.



Linda L. Ammons, J.D.
Associate Provost and Dean