Instructional Tools

On this page you will find links to documentation that can aid teaching.  The categories encompass the most requested and used technologies available at the law school, but are not a finite list.  New technologies are being developed every day and faculty often lead the way in the innovative use of technology.

We encourage you to explore the various technology tools available and to feel free to contact the Educational Technology Specialist, Barbara Mindell, to discuss your particular needs and to schedule on-on-one or group training on any technology that you are interested in learning more about.

Click on the category links on this page to find technologies used for specific tasks.  The category pages list the available technologies as well as provide links to detailed instructions for each technology listed.  These pages include documentation, resource guides, step-by-step videos, and online or other tutorials designed to help you use the available technology.

If you would like to discuss how technology can assist in your classes or you are having problems with any of our programs or equipment, please contact Barbara Mindell by email or phone at 302-477-2118.