Online Forms Available For Media Services and Classroom Problem Reports

Two online forms have been created to make it easier to request Instructional Media Services assistance, and to report technical problems in the classroom.

An online form is available for you to request assistance from Instructional Media Services.  This is the green form.  By using this form, you make it easy for IMS to confirm your request, and it helps us keep track of what needs doing so that each task can be properly staffed.  Please fill out the IMS request form here.  Bookmark this form page so that you can easily access it.

The second online form is available to report problems that you experience in the classroom.  If you have any issues in the classrooms, from dead batteries in the clicker to major power failures on the computer system, please let us know right away what the issue is.  By using this form, we are able to keep track of when and how often problems occur, and it also allows us to track problems and make sure they are resolved in a timely manner.  Please use this form to report the problem, even if you call and report it, so that we have a written record of what you experienced. Fill out the Classroom Problem Report form here, and bookmark it for future use.

Thank you for using these forms.