Supreme Court Media Preview 2015

The annual Supreme Court Media Preview that we do here at Delaware Law School is now available to view.

Mary Allen, Barbara Mindell and Dave Vallee gathered together one day last month to videotape 6 of our esteemed faculty discussing the cases that are already before or likely to come before the Supreme Court this year.

We recorded Dean Rod Smolla discussing Fisher v University of Texas at Austin (affirmative action) and Evenwell v Abbott (one person, one vote); Professor John G. Culhane discussing the current state of abortion cases; Professor Judith L. Ritter discussing various Kansas cases on death penalty sentencing and Montgomery v Louisiana (sentencing of juveniles); Professor Leonard N. Sosnov discussing Luis v US regarding the right to counsel; Professor Michael Goldberg discussing Friedrichs v California Teachers Association regarding unions and free speech; and Professor Kenneth T. Kristl discussing Florida v Georgia & Mississippi v Tennessee regarding water rights.

Please take a look at the finished video which is now on You Tube at