Clickers in the Classroom

Turning Technologies is the manufacturer of Turning Point and the personal response system (clicker) in use at Widener Law.  These portable clicker systems are easily set up and used on any computer that has the Turning Technology software installed (all classroom computers and office computers by request).  Pass a clicker out to each student in class, open the program and your presentation, and pose your question.   Once students answer the question using the ‘clicker’  a chart with the class responses appears on the screen.  Faculty use the clickers to help students recognize assumptions about various topics and then compare those assumptions to their understanding of the same issues after learning about the topic.  Clickers can be used to establish whether a class understands a certain concept before moving on, and can help quickly determine  the direction you might want to go next after obtaining audience feedback.

Clickers are a great way to dispose of simple questions or ideas, and you can either plan ahead which questions to pose (using PowerPoint), or easily pose questions on the fly (using Anywhere Polling).  Clicker technology also provides a means for saving and evaluating the data collected.

Detailed instructions for how to get started using clickers is available here, Create a Clicker Slideshow, or from the Instructional Tools menu above under Assessment Tools and from the Documentation menu.

As of Fall 2015, Delaware Law is using version 4.9. Please verify your version before creating your presentation to make sure that it is created with the latest version of the software.  Contact ITS to have your office software upgraded.