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Make-up classes for both campuses available here.
STUDENTS: For login information, you must contact your professor directly.

IF you may wish to offer your students recordings of one type or another as class make-ups, Media Services and the Law Library through our Technology Team can offer the following options:


You can make a digital audio recording of your lecture on your own. A digital audio recording creates a small file that can be easily downloaded by students and listened to on an iPod or laptop.

  1. At the Delaware campus, there is a digital voice recorder available for faculty use in the library.  Instructions for using it are available with the recorder.
  2. At the Harrisburg campus, contact Brian Fearnbaugh (x 3963) to obtain the recorder. If Brian is not available please contact Keena Neagle (x 3913) in the Law Library.
  3. Once you have done the recording you can post the mp3 file of the lecture on your existing TWEN or Lexis Course page, or on the Campus Cruiser course page which has been prepared for every class.

Assistance in Delaware: Janet Lindenmuth (x 2245) | Maggie Adams (x 2039)
Assistance in Harrisburg
: Bonnie Lerner (x 3944)


The Media Services department can make a video recording of your lecture. Our Webmaster (x 2237) will then create a PAGE for your class to view this video on this Class Archive site.

  1. The page for your class will be password protected.
  2. We will ask you to be responsible for distributing the password to your students.
  3. All students will use the same password to access the page for your class.
  4. The page will include your video and any other downloaded materials you wish to post.
  5. In most cases we will have this video posted for student use within two working days.

Assistance in Delaware: Reza Amin (x 2104) to schedule a recording.
Assistance in On the Harrisburg:
Brian Fearnbaugh (x 3963) to schedule a recording.

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