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Facebook Frenzy: An Employer’s New Tool For Weeding Out Applicants


You just returned from your spring break trip to Las Vegas.  You had a fun, crazy time; (something similar to the experience in “The Hangover” (but without the tiger in the bathroom, thankfully).  You can’t wait to post photos on your Facebook page.  I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to see you dancing on the […]


teamwork illustration

Your recurring nightmare:  you are attending a very important networking event and you realize all the attendees are strangers.  What do you do now? You break the ice.  Actually, the process should be called warming up to people. Before the event: Now step back to the time to when you first heard about the event.  […]


Getting Ready for the Job Search

Ending a conversation without ruffling feathers is a challenge.  Here are some tips on how to do it gracefully while maintaining the relationship you are building with the other person. Listen for breaks in a topic or the pauses between thoughts.  Say “I’m sorry to cut our conversation short but I have an appointment” or […]

Top Eight Interview Blunders

iMan being interviewed by a panel of interviewers

According to Career Builder Interview Mistakes Survey, the most frequent blunders seen in an interview are: Answering a cell phone or texting during an interview 71% Dressing inappropriately 69% Appearing disinterested 69% Appearing arrogant 66% Speaking negatively about current position or employer 63% Chewing gum 59% Not providing specific answers 35% Not asking good questions […]

What NOT to Say


You just had an interview and you are sure you messed up. Thinking back, some of your responses and questions may have been ill advised or less than professional. Take heart, even on your worst day, your responses probably do not come near to the below interview statements or score as high on the foolish […]



Expect to see more firms (especially large corporate firms) instituting apprenticeships for integrating new attorneys.  The concept generally involves hiring recent graduates at a reduced salary for six to twenty four months.  During this time the associate may shadow firm attorneys, handle pro bono matters or take classes.  Although little or no time is billed […]



In today’s market, law firm interviewers are looking for applicants to demonstrate interpersonal skills that can be used to cultivate client relationships.  Candidates should expect questions geared toward determining an applicant’s professionalism and problem solving prowess. Interviewers are seeking candidates with high levels of skill and confidence in the areas of communication, management, flexibility and […]

Tricky Sticky Situations #2: Answering Diplomatically


During an interview a student was asked why she left her last job.  In truth, she left because she was unhappy. Her boss was demanding and very critical.    How should she answer? The student should never criticize or ridicule her prior boss and prior coworkers in answering the interviewer’s question.  Actually, she should never criticize […]

Tricky, Sticky Situations #1: Faux Pas Recovery


At some point during your legal career, you will experience a situation or potential faux pas in which you seem to have no way of extricating yourself without embarrassing consequences. The consequences could include losing your job, not getting the transfer or the promotion you were in line for, or not being invited to social […]

The Dreaded Mealtime Interview (Etiquette)


You received a call back for a second interview. Congratulations.  You are excited and very optimistic about getting the job until you read the time and location of the interview. You will be interviewed at lunch with the hiring partner and a few other attorneys.  Your first reaction to this information may not be printable.  […]

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