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What’s an Information Session?

October 19th, 2012 No comments

Widener Law hosts two information sessions per school year.  The next one is this Saturday, October 20 and we are excited to greet aspiring law students!  An information session is invaluable if you are interested in law school.  You can meet professors, students, and staff and get a feel for the school’s atmosphere.  Information Sessions may include:

  • Admissions presentation
  • Clinical opportunities
  • Tours of the law school
  • Financial Aid information
  • Career options
  • On and off campus housing

Visiting a school is essential before attending but it’s only one part of the process.  Make sure to do your research – how does a school match your interests?  What clinics are offered?  What electives are available?  Are there legal specialties?  What do faculty publish?  Do they participate in conferences?  Where do students intern?  What student organizations are available?  Can you live on campus?  Do you want to live on campus?  What is the cost of living?  What is tuition and what kind of financial aid is available?

The great thing about an information session is that you can visit and answer these questions all at the same time.  Meet a variety of people, network, and make sure the school you choose is in a geographical area you hope to practice and a place you feel welcomed for three (or maybe four) years.

Hope to see you at one of our Information Sessions!  The second one will be held January 5 from 10 am – 1 pm.  Email to register!

What do you think?  Have you attended an information session or open house?  Was it worth while?

Getting in: International Law

November 3rd, 2011 No comments

In my travels this fall, many prospective students showed interest in International Law.   First – about specializations:

Take your time to select an area of law you wish to practice – if you select one at all! There is no requirement to focus on just one area, in fact, most of our students graduate with a wide variety of electives on their transcript. Some stress that specializations arise in internships and first year employment as you recognize your strengths through law school. Furthermore, you don’t really know what you’re getting into until you try it. Reflect on what your strengths REALLY are as opposed to what you THINK they are.

The number one, most important aspect of law school is to prepare students for the bar. Take the classes that are emphasized on your state bar exam. Don’t get distracted from your purpose for attending law school – passing the bar exam!

A few students, however, know which firm or specialty they will pursue upon graduation. They have no doubt in their goal and no interest in other options. In that case, there are certificates you can earn while obtaining your J.D. Visit our Certificate Programs page for more information.

I mentioned International Law for a reason; Widener offers great opportunities :

The Global Externship program prepares students to practice on an international level. Students have been placed with the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, International Trade Agency, the US Department of Commerce and United Nations Development Office.   Click here for a video introduction.

The Institutes offer a variety of international perspectives; particularly in business, environmental and health law.

Study abroad programs in Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Kenya and China. There are a variety of comparative law courses each year to suit your interests.

Renowned professors assist students in developing their legal skills and teach electives in Comparative or Global Law.

Student Organizations on both the Harrisburg and Delaware campuses promote networking and learning about current trends.

The Career Development office assists students in honing interviewing and networking skills to find and land jobs and internships.

As always, email me with comments, questions, suggestions, etc. – Thanks for reading!

Which Area of Law Should You Pursue?

July 12th, 2011 1 comment

Law schools offer an overwhelming array of concentrations, certificates and diplomas.  Do you feel out of the loop?  That’s okay, specialties and interests bloom as more classes and organizations fill your schedule.  Just like college, some students arrive with a specific interest; some will stay the track while others will deviate.  Still, a majority of incoming students have no clue where their degree will lead.

So how will you decide?

Your classes will guide you.  Although every foundational course has its value, students typically find a niche within their first two years.  For example, contracts might not be your path if you prefer trial advocacy.  Or maybe you have a strong scientific background that compliments patent law.  Take your time, reflect on your interests and network!

Ask professors.  Yes, meet your professors during office hours.  Most will be more than happy to talk about your interests – especially if it’s a similar field.  Don’t be shy, explore your options.

Meet Career Services.  Career counselors are paid to know about legal job options and market availability.  They are a great resource for guidance on landing a job in your preferred field.  They can candidly discuss job options.  Furthermore, they offer resume and interview coaching to give you an edge in the job market.  Again, network, explore and learn.

Join professional organizations.  Do not just join student groups, become involved.  Meet guest speakers or better yet seek out speakers for the group.  Attend conferences and professional organizations.  You might meet a future employer.

Participate with a clinic.  Clinics offer pro bono experience to law students.  At Widener Law, students represent a client from swearing in to a settlement or verdict.  The interviewing, case briefing and research skills provided through clinics are extraordinary.  If you are considering traditional attorney work, seek out clinical opportunities.

Overall, take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.  Your skills and talents develop in time.  As always, feel free to contact me with questions:

Legal Employment

May 18th, 2011 No comments

Wondering about legal job opportunities? Many applicants ask about our employment placement rate (which remains at 93%) and career options.  There’s a lot of talk in the media about the economy and lawyers, but with work, commitment, dedication and a bit of networking law school graduates can find a fulfilling career.

Certain legal fields continue to offer lucrative opportunities.  Specialized attorneys in corporate and health law, which are concentrations on the Delaware campus,  often secure positions in firms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and businesses.  A background in administrative or legislative law offers excellent preparation for government careers.  Our Harrisburg campus holds numerous resources to help you network towards state or federal positions.

Widener Law’s esteemed alumni work as judges, district attorneys, mayors, representatives, partners in law firms and a variety of other areas.  How can you find similar jobs?  Start by meeting graduates.  Use the resources available to build a professional network, it will help immensely when seeking internships and jobs!  Also, advice from recent law graduates may help you.

But a law degree does not mean you must practice.  Our Multicultural Affairs Officer, Dean of Admissions and Director of Admissions received a J.D. (all from Widener!) but pursued alternate paths.  Besides law school administration, graduates may become financial planners, mediators or consultants.  Check out some stories from law school graduates pursuing alternative careers.

The U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook holds a wealth of information about work descriptions and job outlooks.  Our Career Development Office also assists students to seek out opportunities, build strong resumes, ace interviews and succeed in fulfilling positions.

I hope this helps you with your journey to law school.  As always, do not hesitate to email me at with questions!

Happy Holidays!

December 10th, 2010 No comments

As the semester winds down, I wish you all the best in your finals and papers.  If you’re not currently in school, I wish you luck in navigating through those packed malls.  The Delaware campus is situated in the heart of the tax-free shopping district and traffic doubles during this time of year!  For the rest of the year, it is a convenient location for corporations and organizations due to the tax laws.  Interested in this legal specialty?  Read more about our Corporate Law Institute.

Happy holidays and see you in 2011!

Fastest Growing Law Specialties

September 13th, 2010 No comments

The September issue of National Jurist showcased an article about the “Specialties with greatest growth” in law and I was thrilled to see Corporate and Health Law on the list.  Widener Law offers institutes on the Delaware campus for both concentrations.  In fact, our highly respected faculty in both health and corporate fields continually develop new programs, publish regularly and attend international conferences.  Their guidance and mentorship is second to none, involving practical methods and personal attention.

National Jurist also recognized Environmental law as one of Widener’s strongest programs.  The dual campus Environmental Law Center handles issues surrounding sustainability, climate change and energy, toxic torts, community service, government action.  The highly active environmental law clinic estimates that more than $ 20 million dollars in compliance, facility upgrade and Supplemental Environmental Project expenditures have resulted from citizen suits.

Widener Law is at the forefront of legal developments.  To learn more about our programs please visit or meet an Admissions representative at a college near you.  We will be traveling extensively this fall so please do not hesitate to stop by our table!