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Snowstorms and Catching Up!

What a crazy snowstorm we had this past week!  It’s been great having the opportunity to catch up with work and to get a head with outlining since we had off from class for two days. Times are so few and far between in law school that you feel on top of your game and that you can actually take the time to have a good workout, or go home and visit your family, or go out for a drink with your friends, and not feel guilty that you should be home catching up or at least starting next week’s work! It’s been great getting ahead and even getting some ideas together for the summer of what I am going to do. As a first year, everything is pretty much set up for you during the school year. The summer between your first and second year is really the first opportunity when you can make some decisions for yourself. Certain things that you can choose include whether or not you want to take summer classes, or if you want to study abroad, or get an internship, or volunteer for school credits, or maybe just take the summer off to take a break. I have sent emails out recently to some contacts that I have for internships but I have also considered the study abroad program that Widener offers over the summer. I would love to study in Lausanne, Switzerland which is one of the four places that Widener offers classes in the summer. We shall see and I will certainly keep you posted on what I decide!