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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer R. Perez

(Jennifer blogged for us from October 2009 – January 2011) My life experiences and cultural background are greatly responsible for my professional and personal passion for United States Immigration Law. As a child of Latino immigrants living in Camden, New Jersey, the struggles that immigrants in my community overcame were just part of life. As I grew older and looked at my surroundings, I realized that I could make positive change. For years, I have relied on the prospect of “giving back” to my community by serving its immigrant population. Thus, from a very young age, I have strived to join the ranks of lawyers and judges who also believe that character is forged by helping others.

As a senior at Stockton College, I quickly realized that I needed an institution that would not just grant my law degree, but provide life-changing experiences in a supportive and competitive environment. Now that I am here, I know that Widener Law can provide that experience. So far, I have become an active member of the Christian Legal Society, observed two mock trial competitions, participated in the “Big Buddy” program (which matches you up with an upper-class law student), attended the Minority Alumni and Student Networking Social, signed up for the Student-Alumni Mentoring Program, participated in various educational workshops for first-years (like the “Essay Exam Writing” workshop), and much more. I cannot wait until my first visit to the Public Interest Resource Center! As you can see, Widener Law has a myriad of opportunities for its students and this is only the beginning for me and every other first-year. Follow my posts!

Jennifer R. Perez
First-Year Regular Day Division

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