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February 29th, 2012
Jonathan Suzuki

Jonathan Suzuki

(Jonathan blogged for us from March 2010 – April 2010) My name is Jonathan Suzuki and I was born in Tokyo, Japan.  Since the summer I graduated high school, I’ve been in and around the music industry, and my first foray was translating for major label bands performing at the Fuji Rock Festivals. Because I got a taste for being around musicians, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Music Technology (sound engineering).  I found a job at a music publisher after I quickly realized that I wasn’t equipped with the requisite patience to be at the bottom of the studio totem pole.  While working for the publisher, I was exposed to onerous songwriter agreements, publishing agreements, and international royalty-collection agreements but in all honesty, I didn’t understand most of it.  Not understanding led me to endeavor in law school.
I chose Widener because of their relatively low teacher-to-student ratio, and the fact that Eric in the admissions office remembered my name from my application.  The phrase “I chose Widener” is a bit fallacious though.  I was never what one would call “studious”, and as a result, I didn’t have a pack of law schools blowing down my door for the pleasure of my enrollment.  Widener evidently saw something promising in my application however, and I went down to Harrisburg from NYC without an appointment to speak with admissions.  Eric immediately recalled most of my information without even pulling my file.  My own parents sometimes need 3 tries to get my name right so that really solidified my will to attend Widener.
Widener is a great law school.  We have professors that will do anything to help their students succeed and an administration that gives every student every opportunity to overcome the rigors of law school and the challenges of the bar exam.  For me, coming from Tokyo via NYC, Harrisburg offers very few distractions, but surprisingly, an abundance of opportunities in the field of law.  I’ll recommend Widener Law- Harrisburg to anyone based on the high caliber of professors and administrators, and the positive environment they create to learn and apply the law. Follow my posts!

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