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How to Prepare for Law School

So you’ve decided to attend law school.  Good choice!  Maybe you were a Pre-Law major interning at a law office, or maybe you studied Biology and only recently decided to follow a legal career.  Maybe you’re 21 or maybe you’re 55.  No matter what your background, law school is a completely different ball game from your past education and experiences.  We all begin law school with a blank slate.  So, how do you prepare?

First, relax.  This is your break before diving into cases and hundreds of pages to analyze.  Try to avoid burn out before you even begin.  Catch up with friends and family, read novels that you find interesting, keep up with the news and current events.  Take a vacation if you can!

Next, consider keeping your mind active with a few classes or books.  They don’t need to be intense, just a way to keep keen for school.  Widener Law offers a summer Paralegal Certificate program that introduces legal research, legal writing and mechanics of the litigation process.  If you feel that extra courses can help you, this is a great head start.

Finally, What else do you think helps prepare for law school?  Do you think internships are useful?  Taking a reading or writing course?  Seeking advice from friends and family?  Interviewing a person in the field?  Share your thoughts!

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