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Merit Scholarships – Ask The Tough Questions!

Did you receive a merit scholarship? Law schools often award the highest acheiving applicants funds to cover their tuition. If you’re one of the lucky ones, congratulations! But make sure you understand the regulations for keeping the scholarship as well.

PreLaw magazine offers this advice by Jeff Thomas:

“What we say is that while law schools must be responsible when offering hefty merit-based scholarships to applicants (the American Bar Association is actually discussing new rules right now,) responsibility is a two-way street. Aspiring law school students themselves have to ask the tough questions – a skill they will need as successful lawyers anyway.

· Is this scholarship guaranteed every year?
· If not, what does it depend on?
· What is the median GPA for students in your 1L class?
· What percentage of your students maintain their scholarships for 2L and 3L?”

Think like a lawyer, ask questions.

Read the full article at: http://www.nationaljurist.com/content/why-students-are-blame-when-merit-based-scholarships-go-awry

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