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As the semester comes to a close…

April 7th, 2011

As the days left in this semester start to dwindle, student’s stress levels have started to rise, and time seems to move substantially faster than it did in January.  The 1Ls have an appellate brief due next week (see Meghan’s previous post for more information), which also includes oral arguments, and I must say that I am actually looking forward to the arguments.  I feel as though my Legal Methods II professor has prepared me remarkably well for the situation in which I will find myself, and I am hoping that the comments from the “judges” (Widener Law alumni) will help me to improve my speaking skills for future competitions.  Although a majority of 1Ls are stressed beyond belief regarding the briefs, there seems to be a general excitement among my classmates for the oral arguments.  I hope that they all turn out as well as our professors say they will.

This semester has progressed more quickly than I anticipated, even though people kept telling me how fast the semesters go.  I can’t believe that it is already April, and that finals are just around the corner.  Hopefully, now that I have one set of finals under my belt, these upcoming tests will not be as stressful, especially because I have a better idea of how teachers are testing us.  Regardless, I am looking forward to the summer, during which I will work for a local law firm and also study abroad through Widener’s study abroad program (I’m going to Switzerland and Italy!).

Best of luck in the upcoming weeks to all of my classmates, and to the rest of the Widener community, and I am looking forward to writing about my study abroad experiences this summer!

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