Made for this!

What an amazing opportunity I have had here at the District Attorney’s Office! I love this internship. I am learning so much about the inter-workings of the courtroom and basically how criminal law plays out in the real world. I sat through an entire jury trial from beginning to end earlier this month! I saw everything from pretrial motions all the way to the verdict being read. The case involved drugs and two co-defendants. As interesting as it was to watch the whole trial, I felt very lucky to have been able to be listen in on conversations that occurred during recess, at lunch, and prior to the judge walking into the courtroom. It takes so many hardworking people to conduct a jury trial. The courtroom staff, the lawyers, and the jury were all so professional and respectful of their role in the process. I realize that I was made for this kind of law. It was inspiring to watch the Assistant District Attorney argue with such passion and I was equally enamored with the Defense Attorney’s eloquence with which she spoke. I have been absorbing and learning so much. I am really enjoying my summer!!!

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