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Wow! My First Semester at Widener Law

Wow. My first semester in law school is finally here. Well, all in all, it’s pretty much what I expected. It has definitely been a challenge, but I have enjoyed every second of it!

As far as the academic challenge, late night study sessions have become a regular thing, but so has meeting great, new people. Every semester, first years at Widener Law get a mid-term exam in one class; the other classes rely primarily on a final exam or final assignment. This year, we had a mid-term in our Torts class. I formed a small study group and it really helped! This may sound cliché, but two heads are definitely better than one. After mid-terms, things have slowed down a little bit, but I can already feel things speeding up again. Other than that, I would like to give future first-years some advice: Back up your information correctly. I recently broke my portable jump drive and was lucky enough to find someone that could fix it for me long enough to transfer my files. Because I backed up my information incorrectly, I would have lost everything I have done since August!

Aside from classes, there is so much for me to do on campus: workshops, speakers, training sessions, meetings, networking socials, etc. It was somewhat overwhelming at the beginning of the semester, but I’m certainly getting the hang of things now. Tomorrow, I am buying my ticket to Widener Law’s first ever “Fall Ball,” an evening of dinner and dancing. After all, a girl has to have a little fun, doesn’t she? Plus, it’s a really good opportunity for students to network and get to know each other. As a member of the Christian Legal Society, I will also be assisting with our big event for the semester: “Biblical Principles of Time-Management” with Dr. Anthony Lee, U.S. Head of Forecasting, AstraZeneca Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

My friends and family have also been very supportive. At times, in undergrad, my parents had a hard time understanding the dedication associated with getting a higher education (like not always being able to visit on weekends). However, things have definitely changed since those days and everyone is on the same page now.

Well, I should start reviewing for Property class tomorrow. See you soon!

Jennifer R. Perez
J.D. Candidate 2012
Widener University School of Law

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Class of 2008
B.A. Political Science

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